UOT Mascot Design Competition 2022

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Our External Jury

- Dr. Rayan Abdullah

Dr. Rayan Abdullah. Professor of typography at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig, Germany. Professor Rayan was responsible for major projects for the Berlin Transport Authority, Volkswagen, Bugatti, and the German Government (for whom he re-vamped the German Eagle, symbol of the Federal Government). Among many of his publications, prof. Rayan is the author of “Pictograms, Icons & Signs.”

- Mr. Ahmed Al-Mallak.

Mr. Ahmed Al-Mallak. An award winning Iraqi architect and academic at Coventry University, UK. He is the founding director of Tamayouz Excellence International Award, fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and the co-founded of the international design program HERe: Habitat Environment and Reconciliation. He received Coventry University’s most coveted accolade the Cecil Angel Prize for his work through Tamayouz Excellence Award.

- Mr. Naseer Shamma.

Mr. Naseer Shamma. Internationally known Iraqi musician, composer, and oud player who had much work in the field of musically read poetry and composed music for films, plays and television. He is the founder of the Arabic Oud House. Mr. Shamma has been distinguished as UNESCO Artist for Peace and by the International Red Crescent and Red Cross Societies as goodwill ambassador.

- Mr. Omar Al-Taha

Mr. Omar Al-Taha. Architect, fashion designer, social media influencer, and the founder of the international fashion brand BLAD based in Toronto, Canada and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

- Mr. Shakir AlAlousi.

Mr. Shakir AlAlousi. Iraqi artist specialized in folk culture of Iraqi arts and member of International Association of Art. Mr. Shakir is also a mechanical engineer and alumnus of the University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq. He is currently based in the United States.

- Mr. Maytham Falh.

Mr. Maytham Falh. An award-winning Iraqi poet. A member of the Iraqi folk's poet society. Mr. Maytham is also an engineer, alumnus of the Middle Technical University in Iraq.

- Mr. Samir Serope Daoud.

Mr. Samir Serope Daoud, An award-winning Iraqi architect and the Chairman of Diar Consult based in Dubai, UAE. Mr. Samir is the winner of many important international architectural competitions. To name few, the winner of the best Project in the Middle East (Middle East Architect Awards), the Multi-Story Office Building Architize Awards, and the most important International Architecture Project, within the British Experience Awards. He is also the winner of The 50 Most Influential Tall Buildings” award for the past 50 years 1969-2019 from the Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), Chicago, USA, of 2019.